Ug is an alien bounty hunter from outer space with the ability to transform into a human or alien shape.

Eventually, Ug becomes an Executive Officer of the Enforcement (with henchmen) that used to employ him, his late parter and Charlie McFadden as bounty hunters.

Ug, in the very two movies appears as one of the good guys, in the third he appears in a hologram projection to Charlie telling him that is forbidden to extingish any living species, and that includes the critters (giving some doubts about why the critters are so important for the Enforcements to keep them alive), in the fourth movie he becomes the bad guy who must protect the existence of the critters at the expense of other peoples lives, so Charlie is forced to kill him in order to save the life of one of the survivors in the Bounty Hunter Space Station, just because Ug was about to kill him, at the end, Charlie said "Things Changes, people changes" reffering to both Charlie and Ug.

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