Space Charlie

Charlie: “I have to go where the Cosmic winds blow me.”

Space Charlie is Charlie McFadden (Don Keith Opper), who was taken by the Bounty Hunters into Outer Space, to train him how to hunt Critters. He is seen wearing their Bounty Hunter gear in Critters 2.

Critters 2Edit

Over two years after the events of the first Critters, Brad Brown (Scott Grimes) is now 15, and returns to Grovers Bend to spend Easter Weekend with his Grandma. Leftover Crite eggs that were in Brad's old farm are taken and mistaken for Easter eggs, unleashing the Crites onto the entire town. Ug, Lee and the former drunk Charlie (Don Keith Opper), return from space to help Grover's Bend.[1]


Following a report from the Intergalactic Council that Earth is host to residual Crite life, Charlie and the Bounty Hunters, return to Earth to reunite with Brad Brown in Grover's Bend. Charlie accompanies Ug and Lee (the two Bounty Hunters). He explains to Brad that his life is now in space with them, since he was a nobody on Earth. He also explains that he has given up drinking, as he doesn't need it any longer.

Charlie helps with the fight against the Crites for the majority of the film, but when Lee is killed, Ug reverts back to his Nothing Face. Charlie pleads with Ug to try and transform again, since he feel incapable of fighting the Crites alone. He eventually assists Brad in his plan to trap the Crites in a frozen food factory, but flees when the Crites show signs of returning back towards the citizens of Grover's Bend.

When the factory explodes, and the Critter ball emerges, Brad and Megan crash their truck trying to ram it off the road. When all hope seems lost, Charlie pilots his spacecraft and crashes it into the Crite ball, destroying the ship and the Crites. Seemingly dead, he turns up at the film's climax to say goodbye to Brad as he leaves Grover's Bend. Ug also bids farewell, as he feels Charlie is now ready to remain on Earth. With that, Sheriff Harv then tosses Charlie his sheriff badge, making Charlie the new sheriff of Grover's Bend.


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