Harv is the local sheriff. Harv’s character is played by M. Emmet Walsh in Critters (1986) and then by Barry Corbin in Critters 2: The Main Course.

Critters (1986) Edit

[Charlie lifts up Harv off of the floor with one hand
Charlie McFadden: I hope not you're take over our operation. 
Harv: Help... put me down... 
[Harv flies through the window and hits the ground]

Critters 2 Edit

Megan Morgan: We need you, Harv. We Need a sheriff. 
Harv: Go check the yellow pages. 

Harv: What is this bullshit? Them man-eating dust mops got us roped up tighter than a blue-ribbon bull and all you folks can do is stand here and play kick-the-can with some punk kid! 

Harv: You've got nothing to lose but your lives. 

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