Nothing-Face is the appearance of the Bounty Hunters before assimilating a species facial identification. The degree of assimilation varies in the first two films. Ug assimilated Johnny Steele’s facial identification to the bone marrow, and continued with it even 56 years later as Counselor Tetra.

Lee, Ug’s Nothing-Face partner, a fellow Bounty Hunter, was constantly in search of the right facial identification for the first two Critters films, but appeared to have trouble throughout.



Lee, Ug’s Nothing-Face partner who hadn’t settled on a face, before getting to Earth.

While Ug transforms into a Johnny Steele look-alike, his Nothing-Face partner seems to have trouble finding the right fit. When Lee was in his spaceship, he couldn’t settle on a face. By the time he was on Earth, only then did he assume a face, but it was of a dead Jeff Barnes. Since Barnes was brutally attacked by Critters, Nothing-Face bore the likeness of the same flesh tears as Barnes, especially at the neck. When Nothing-Face approaches Revered Miller, he dones on that face. It seems that upon assimilating Charlie McFadden’s face, only then did Bounty Hunter’s facializing either become more stable , or satisfactory from that point.

Critters 2Edit


Nothing-Face in Critters 2

In Critters 2, Nothing-Face Lee continues to have trouble settling on an appearance. He first assumes the identity of a woman from a PlayBoy magazine, then switches to a Burger joint clerk. In the course of the night, Lee almost turned into Freddy Krueger, after seeing the movie prop poster until Charlie blocked Lee’s sight with the PlayBoy mag.


  • The term “Nothing Face” was first mentioned in Critters 2.