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Crite reproduction involves hatching from eggs. They are portrayed with a need to eat before laying eggs, but how they produce eggs is not revealed. No mating rituals are shown or discussed in the films, nor the number of eggs a crite can produce at one time.

Incubation variationsEdit

In Critters 4, Charlie tells Fran that it takes six months for Crite eggs to incubate.[1] The incubation time differs to Critters 3 when the eggs hatch within a span of just a few hours. The eggs laid from the first film appear to have remained dormant for two years before they were found and hatched in Critters 2.[2][3]

The discrepancies in incubation times could be reconciled by temperature playing a factor. In Critters 2 and Critters 3, the eggs seemingly hatch in response to close proximity to heat (a heater and the underside of a truck respectively). This also appears to be a factor in Critters 4 and Critters 2 in which the eggs lie dormant when cryogenically frozen or left in a cold drafty barn and hatch almost immediately when exposed to a warmer temperature. Extremely cold temperatures also seem to have a detrimental effect on eggs, as hairless hatchling crites are shown in Critters 4 when the eggs are laid in a cold incubator.


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