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Crite groups vary, but are typically portrayed as hunting and attacking in groups.[1][2] Rarely has a Crite been shown to attack on its own outside, as in the few occasions seen in the first and fourth films. Charlie explains in Critters 4, that Crites generally go for a victim's face and neck, although the films show them attacking the chest and gut area of a victim more often than not. Once a victim is caught, usually one Crite initiates the attack and the others quickly follow in one swift barrage.



The largest Crite usually takes leadership over the others.[3] In Critters 2, Ug disguised himself as the largest Crite, being able to persuade an immense pack of smaller Crites to continue on to Polar Ice Burger instead of attacking the humans that were following behind them.[4] In Critters 3, the Crite whose face was burned by bleach leads the group, and is the last Crite to be killed.[5] Critters 4 has two main Crite characters, but it is difficult to determine which is the lead. However, the one whose top of its head was shot bald by Charlie, when it was a hatchling, is shown as ordering around the other Critters.[6]

Critter ballEdit

Critter ball

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Critters 2 introduces the giant Critter ball - an enormous ball of crites all latched onto each other to move as one single unit.[4] It enables the herd to survive a factory explosion and from being rammed by a pickup truck.[4][7] It can be devastated by the direct impact of a bounty hunter spaceship.[7]

In Critters 3, the Crites launch themselves straight up into the air, as seen when one of the Crites launches itself up a laundry chute in an attempt to attack Rosalie.[2] A variation is shown at the end of the film, when a Crite tucks itself into a ball and revvs up as a means of attack.[5]

Natural weaponsEdit

Crites' only weapons are the natural weapons built into their bodies. One such mechanism is the ability to shoot a poison barb like a projectile at a victim.[8][9] The barb injects a type of poison into the victim's bloodstream, causing the victim to fall asleep or unconscious for an unspecified amount of time.[8][10] It is shown that removing the barb awakens the victim. It is not revealed whether these barbs affect other Crites. The fourth film is the only film in which the Crites do not utilize their poison barbs. The size and thickness of the barbs varies from film to film.

Another mechanism is their rather large mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth.[11] A Crite's bite is shown to be extremely effective and difficult to extricate. In most cases, a victim is forced to beat on the Crite's snout like that of a great white shark or crocodile, or stab the Krite with sharp objects enough that it releases its hold.[11][2]

In Critters 3, "Blackie" (as designated by another Crite), encounters Annie near the entrance on her way to find help.[5] It opens its mouth and lets out a shrill and deafening scream that has enough power to shatter a jar.[5] Although it serves the purpose of temporarily disarming or stunning the victim, it also serves as a beacon to alert the other Crites. This mechanism is never used or heard of in any other installment.

While never shown to be used, Crites also have three sharp claws on their hands and feet.


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