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A Crite's appearance varies


In the first film, the Crites appear to be much smaller than in the sequels (save for the lead Crite) and not as furry. Their stomachs are fully revealed whereas in the sequels they are covered completely by fur.[1] Their fur appears more slicked back instead of wild or spiky like in the sequels, and their teeth appear more needle-like than in future installments. In one scene in the original film, a Crite's eyes appear to be orange instead of the bleeding red seen throughout the rest of the film, but this look is never repeated.[2]

Crtitters 2Edit

In Critters 2, the Crites appear larger than in the first film, have larger teeth, with fur (thicker and more haphazard than their predecessors) covering their entire bodies except for their arms and legs.[3] Also their poisonous darts are much bigger.

Critters 3 & 4Edit

In the third and fourth films, the Krites look about the same in every aspect, although their eyes appear duller in the later film. Critters 3 portrays a larger, more rounded version of the Crites.[4] Their faces and eyes are larger, with a fluorescent, glowing red instead of the dull bleeding red from earlier films. Their fur is thicker, curlier and spikier than before, and appears to be blacker than the brownish tint seen in the second film. The skin is also lighter than before.


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