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Bradly Brown and his family used a double barrel shotgun to fight off the

the crites that invaded their farm.  Even though it was shown in one scene that there

were two winchester rifles over the chimney mantle where the shotgun was hanging but eventually they ran out of ammunition for the shotgun.

Libertyflrt.jpg thumbnail1

the brown families double barrel shotgun.


Critters 2

Helen Brown firing the double barrel shotgun.


Critters2 zps11fee631

Helen Brown aiming and possibly getting ready to fire the double barrel shotgun at a critter.



the shotgun being fired while peering out of the door.

Screenshot 1

the brown family's gun rack above the mantle.


Sheriff harv used a colt single action army to fight off the crite leader but to no avail and charlie mcfadden

also used a colt single action army in the fourth critters film that was given to him by Albert and charlie used the handgun to not just fight off the last remaing crites but to also shoot counselor tetra in the head Ethan also used the revolver when he was destracting tetra's storm troopers when Albert gave charlie the handgun it first appeared that there were only six rounds for it until later on in the film when Ethan used it he was seen loading an extra round into the guns cylinder. But of course the only reason albert gave charlie the handgun was because with the crites closing in the revolver was their only defense left and albert thought that since charlie was from earth he new how to shoot one of those handguns.Charlie even mentioned that he's "a .38 special man himself" so when charlie and the others were on the ship charlie was ready for whatever was coming which is why he had the hammer on the pistol pulled back and had it ready to fire when the crites entered the craft charlie fired 5 out of 6 rounds managing to not only kill one crite but also "murdered the ship" in the process. 


sheriff harv's colt single action army revolver.


Barry 060101 022

sheriff harv with his colt single action army revolver.


Barry 060101 028

harv checking his single action army after firing it in a church.





Ethan with the single action army while hiding from the storm troopers


Critters2 harv04

sheriff harv's colt 45. being fired in the third photo on the right hand corner.




Critters2 harv05

harv pointing the revolver at the ceiling after firing it.


Ethan peering behind a corner with the revolver.

Critters4 9

charlie shooting one of the crites with the revolver.


Ethan walking down a hallway with the single action army in his hand.


the colt .45 on display in Albert's room aboard the r.s.s tesla spacecraft.


Ethan with the handgun on the bottom row middle side on the right.


an angry charlie pointing the single action army at tetra.

Screenshot 2

a close up of the fourth films single action army in it's dispay case.

Screenshot 5

charlie inspecting the revolver.

Screenshot 4

the bullets for the single action army.

Screenshot 6

charlie ready too fire the revolver at whatever's coming.

Shot 2

Fran holding the revolver.

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5

a close up of the single action army hammer action.


The bounty hunters ug and lee used highly powered guns of unknown type to exterminate the crites.                    

the bounty hunters gun


the bounty hunters ug and lee with their unidentified blasters.


It has also been shown that in the 3rd and fourth film charlie mcfadden also possessed an unidentified    

charlie holding his custom made gun up to his chest.

gun of his own design along with custom made bullets also of his own design but later in the fourth film when rick was being killed by the freshly hatchet crites charlie then quickly ran to the pod to grab his custom blaster which unfortunitly fell apart due to reasons unknown.

it has also been mentioned by charlie that his gun sometimes gets jammed a lot.                      



charlie mcfadden "OPEN WIDE"


Critters3 9318

charlie looking at his jammed gun.



Critters3 9301

a close up of charlie's gun barrel holes.


charlie with his gun in his hands while running from the specimen collection pod.


In the fourth film Rick the captain of the r.s.s. tesla crew used a futuristic laser rifle to open the drifting speciman collection pod that contained the last two crite eggs and charlie from the third film then later when the pod was opened and charlie and the freshly hatchet crites were free and rick (who was killed by the crites) pointed at his laser gun which charlie then used to hunt the critelings down when at the same time he met ethan but unfortunitly the laser rifle was destroyed when they fell down into the space stations waste disposal.    

rick firing his laser gun at the specimen collection pod.


charlie accidently firing the laser at a crite blasting it's hair off.


a close up of rick's laser gun on the floor.


the beam of light from the laser fired by charlie that made this crite bald.


charlie handing Ethan the laser.



charlie pointing the laser rifle at the ceiling while warning Ethan about the air ducts.


the storm troopers laser guns.                                                                                                      Edit

It was shown that tetra's storm troopers also had laser rifles and tetra seemed to have carried a laser pistol.

Critters4 12

two of counselor tetra's stormtroopers holding there laser guns.

Screenshot 7

"Get the guns out of my face."

Counselor Tetra's laser pistol.Edit

in the fourth critters film counselar tetra (formerly known as ug) used a laser pistol to kill albert and if charlie hadn't killed him tetra would have killed ethan as well.                                                                                                      
Screenshot 8

Couselor tetra's laser pistol.


In the scene where the bounty hunters find deputy jeff barnes's body just as ug enters it an unknown shotgun can be seen in deputy jeff barnes's police squad car which ug fires.


Ug sitting next to deputy barnes's shotgun.



In the 3rd film mr.menges (bill zuckert) mentioned that he owned a great civil war pistol and yet he had no gunpowder for it.